Do you want your views heard?

There’s an SRA consultation about their budget and business plan, open until 25th June 2021.

PC fees apparently look to remain at a similar level to last year, but there are some points that you may want to comment on;

“In addition to our core work to protect the public and deliver effective regulation of law firms and solicitors, key areas of work set out in our plan, which covers November 2021 – October 2022, include:

  • introducing the Solicitors Qualifying Examination
  • supporting the adoption of technology and innovation in the legal sector including by building new partnerships in the lawtech arena
  • evaluating our ongoing reform programmes, including the Standards and Regulations and Transparency Rules
  • increasing monitoring of anti-money laundering arrangements
  • a range of horizon scanning and research initiatives, including research into the factors underpinning the over representation of black and ethnic minority solicitors within our enforcement processes, and the attainment gap in professional assessments”

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