Website changes by 6th December

The SRA have released updated templates and guidance on what needs up-dating. Changes to the websites of law firms regulated by the SRA need to be carried out by 6th December 2018

There is also a new digital badge to use.

Further information is at

UPDATE: here’s a link to the SRA’s templates on suggested wording –



Bellwether Report – what are your views?

Jon Whittle’s commentary and views on the imminent SRA changes make for very sobering reading. He says “Most firms are unaware of the changes and are therefore unprepared and unprotected to face what’s coming next. Is this the fault of the solicitors for not educating themselves, or the regulatory body for not getting through to them?”

I have to agree with Sophie Barrett-Brown’s comment;

“Some regulatory changes may have an impact on standards. Firms are
challenged to do everything faster, cheaper… but there’s only so much that can achieve and for many types of work a certain amount of time is still needed for good, old-fashioned thinking and doing it properly.”

What are your views?

Does your firm provide advice in an area where you will need to give information to the public about your fees? Do we really need a digital badge to show the public that solicitors are SRA-regulated?

You can read the report here –

SRA information on some of the changes are here –