Mistaken Identities

It was good to see an article by John Hyde of the Law Gazette about the confusion arising from Law firms’ names. There is little restriction on what you call your firm, in terms of it sounding similar to that of other firms, so problems can arise.

For example, the recent proposed changes by the SRA for publishing decisions about Law firms should be considered in light of what becomes available in the press and online. If something like a decision against an intervened firm goes live, in a format from the SRA that has limited information, huge confusion can arise.

Robots from “Solicitors from the Cess Pool”-type websites can trawl the net and could automatically populate their information… wrongly. If you search online for a now-closed firm and only find an innocent firm of a similar name, reputations can be damaged…

You can read the article here –

Opposition to “freelance solicitors”

Happy New Year!

In December, I submitted responses to the SRA Consultation papers on behalf of Hexagon Legal Network.

So, it was interesting to see the comments in the Gazette with reports on more views on the SRA proposals. I responded in a similarly negative way in Hexagon’s response to the Consultations, to try to ensure a level playing field for professionals and protection of clients.

What are your views and concerns on the SRA’s proposals?

“Uberisation” of the Legal Market by SRA

You may have seen my request on Hexagon Legal Networking’s Hive forum for your feedback on the new Consultation Papers? If you are in any doubt about whether it might be important to have your say on the proposed changes by the SRA, you may find this Gazette article of some interest!

“The regulator proposes to make it easier for solicitors to provide reserved legal services on a freelance basis to the public. They would not be required to register as a sole practitioner or be employed by an authorised firm…”